Welcome 2014-2015 Chickaniddy Craft Team


When the applications come in and you see all of the talent, you realize how hard it's going to be to only pick 12 girls for the new term. Pam and I spent countless hours read resume after resume and visited blog after blog, then all of the sudden something magical happens and you just know. As Pam and I sat in our meeting, we just knew that these talented 12 girls were the perfect fit for our new term and let me tell you, they are all so amazingly talented, so hard working and sweet! Sounds like a dream come true...right?! Well they are!

With that said, I am honored to introduce you to our new 2014 - 2015 team. I am proud to call them friends and a part of the growth of our Chickaniddy brand.

2014-08-28 (Large)

Allie Stewart Amy Tsuruta Carson Riutta Cassandra Chen Elizabeth Hellum Erin Taylor Heidi Sonboul Leigh Davies Penner Meghann Andrew Melinda Spinks Missy Whidden Pam Callaghan Tessa Buys Tyra Babington

Pam and I can't wait to show you what these girls can do, so for now head over to their blogs and give them a visit. Welcome to the team girls!


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