Top Secret Product: New Foil Papers

Chickaniddy Crafts - Our First Mini film About Our Speciality Foil Papers

About a year ago I REALLY fell in love with gold. I wanted it on every layout I made but there was one big issue at hand. The only gold foil paper that I could find was textured in a cheesy way or on a VERY THICK cardstock backer, which meant it was impossible to run through my Cricut or Silhouette. I was even worried it might break my Cuttlebug and Spellbinders machine, so I was at a loss.

When we started talking about products and what "I" would personally want to use as a crafter, I knew this issue needed to be solved since gold and silver are becoming so hot in crafting. We picked a perfect cardstock weight and foiled the full 12x12 paper, giving you, the crafter, full control over what you want to die cut. I'm talking endless pretty titles and confetti to boot! So dreamy right?!

I wanted to make this release special, so I pulled out my video camera and put together our first company video release. I can't wait to see how you use this product. I'm sure it will be so amazing on all of your projects!

51 thoughts on “Top Secret Product: New Foil Papers

  1. Ruth Tacoma

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry….I want your foil paper, like today! LOL Oh so not fair that I have to wait! Looks amazing!!!

  2. Pam Spradlin

    I think that this gold and silver paper will be a must have add on to my scrapbook stash. I just love the way it embosses and on the last layout how thin the alpabet you could cut with it. I could have used it on my Christmas cards this year.

  3. Laura G. Turcotte

    This is great! I have fallen in love with silver and gold awhile ago, too, but did not/have not found the ‘perfect’ paper…looks like that mystery is solved!

  4. Sylvia/LittleTreasures

    Thank You Heidi!!! Some time ago I had wondered why there was no Gold, Silver, White papers that would work for me.
    Perfecto…..I do mainly cards, tags and mixed media and I like the unusual. Gold and Silver will give me that glitz. I have trouble also with finding “Shades” of White/Soft Beige” papers (texture or patterned) for wedding and special occasions. And a Shimmering White would be great. It will be a HAPPY NEW YEAR…

  5. Rea

    I do have some gold paper. It is a darker gold and what I would call matted. (not shiny) That my local store ordered for me quite awhile back. When she reordered some for me she said the warehouse didn’t think they were going to get anymore in. I’m not sure who made it. But knowing I couldn’t get anymore, I hoarded it. Ha! I love that you have this and will be stocking up on it. Thank you for the sneak peek.

  6. Layle Koncar

    Love it, Heidi!! I’ll be watching for this to hit the store shelves for sure! Congrats on your new company!

  7. Rose Scott-Lincourt

    Simply beautiful… Love it embossed, the shimmer is perfect. Congratulations on you new adventure. Look forward to seeing where I can purchase!

  8. Deidra Grant

    I so want the gold and silver papers NOW. Awesome video I really like the video’s that just show you without talking.

  9. Nicole Harper

    Um…I will need BOTH of these.
    IN bulk, lol.
    THANK YOU for making something I’ve been trying to find for years!!!
    love x10.

  10. Holly A.

    I have metallic paper that is rather thick and I agree with you. Embossing or die cutting most of the time breaks them. How is your product packaged and how do I purchase it?

  11. Kim

    I love wearing gold….but scrapping not unless not shiny! But Silver is a whole other story! Maybe it’s my love of the same Tiffany Silver Pattern now owned by three generations in my family! I love it beautiful sterling silver! I am all in….and I would expect I might grab a sheet of gold for Alphas with my Revolution!

  12. Michelle

    OMG! Those papers are lovely and awesome. I love their versatility. I can’t wait until they are available for purchase.

  13. TracyM #6773

    What a joyful introduction to the delightful gold & silver foil cardstock – LOVE IT!!!

    These will definitely become crafty MUST HAVES and I look forward to getting some soon 🙂

  14. Gia Lau

    Congratulations on two beautiful collections and this gold and silver cardstock is definitely a gamechanger! Some of the ways I have been adding gold is with the gold thickers (you know how pricey those are- and after you have made a few titles-you’re left with a ton of extra letters you can’t use)–how perfect to be able to cut your own titles! I have also been using gold doilies sometimes- but I don’t always want something frilly! Thank you for innovating and filling this need Heidi!!

  15. Patricia

    Have always loved silver and gold and now it will be so much easier to work with, Thanks for the persistence in finding a great way to be able to use it. Nice to have so many creative and inventive people involved.Thank you again

  16. Joyce Preusser

    Oh, WOW! I want those papers now! Best preview of CHA I have seen so far! And great job on your first video!

  17. Julie F

    This was a great video! Love Love Love the foil papers!!!! I can’t wait to purchase some! It looks like you are having a great start with 2 beautiful new lines and awesome foils. I wish you much success!!!

  18. Linda

    I love these foil papers! I can’t wait until they come to my favorite paper store!!! I really like this video Heidi…love the music…and seeing all the possibilities. Your papers are great and I wish you every success with your new company. Hugs, Linda.


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