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Here's a little "Heidi Secret". Β When I first started this collection I was having a hard time getting into it, so I decided to play a Christmas song or two and in that very moment the magic started to flow. So many ideas popped into my head and everything fell into place. It's amazing how Christmas music can bring such joy to me and people all around the world.Β I love Jolly Good so much and it's probably the happiest collection I've made to date. Its theme covers Christmas, winter weather, New Year's Eve. holiday shopping, family fun and dancing in the rain. Basically all the things we love about winter, with a bright and happy color combo. There are even a few things that hint to puckering up under the mistletoe. Ooh la la!

Now take a peek and don't forget to enter into the giveaway. Just leave a comment and we'll take care of the rest.



Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-02A-Sugar-Cookies Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-02B-Sugar-Cookies


Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-05A-Holly-Jolly Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-05B-Holly-Jolly

Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-06A-Deck-The-Halls Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-06B-Deck-The-Halls


Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-07B-Making-Spirits-Bright Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-08A-Holiday Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-08B-Holiday Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-09A-Snow-Play Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-09B-Snow-Play Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-10A-Rainy-Day Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-10B-Rainy-Day Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-11A-Tis-The-Season Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-11B-Tis-The-Season Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-12A-Happy-New-Year Jolly-Good-12x12-Paper-12B-Happy-New-YearJolly-Good-12x12-Collection-Pack-CoverJolly-Good-12x12-Sticker-SheetJolly-Good-Alpha-Stickers Jolly-Good-Journal-Tags

Jolly-Good-Mini-Brads Jolly-Good-Enamel-Stars

Jolly-Good-Banners Jolly-Good-Sentiments Jolly-Good-Tags

Jolly-Good-Die-Cut-Tags-in-Package Jolly-Good-Die-Cut-Tags

Jolly-Good-Clear-Alpha-Stamps Jolly-Good-Clear-Illustration-StampsOne last thing before you go.... Don't forget to visit our blog tomorrow to learn more info about our Craft Team Call

105 thoughts on “The New Jolly Good Collection & Giveaway

  1. Melissa Nabors

    I love the unique colors that you used for this holiday collection. You don’t see pink and blue very much but I love it! It’s so fun and fresh!

  2. TracyM #6773

    “Jolly Good” really is JOLLY GOOD πŸ™‚
    LOVE the CHEERY colors, the FUN & FABULOUS patterned papers and ALL the coordinates too!!!
    I am SO GLAD that the Christmas songs helped inspire you … I confess that I watch my favorite Christmas movies all year through – you can never have too much HAPPY πŸ™‚
    THANK YOU for the chance to win!!!

  3. Lu L.

    This collection has something for everyone…traditional and non-traditional colors, trendy and retro images, and cute, cute, stamps!
    Well done, Chickaniddy!

  4. Nicole Martel

    Okay Heidi. So normally, I’m not big on scrapping the holidays, but I have to tell you, I Love this… it’s so pretty and fun. I think this will be my winter/holiday collection πŸ™‚ Nice job and Kudos to you for putting on that Christmas music to spark up those ideas!

  5. Janet

    I love it! The designs are so cute!!! I listen to Christmas music when I am trying to get inspired to scrap Christmas pics. Always helps me!!!

  6. Roseanna Crawford

    Love the collection, from the patterns to the colors its a winner
    I guess it’s time to start planning my Christmas cards and gifts!

  7. Lisa C.

    I love these bright holiday colors! I’m in love with the floral patterns!
    The stickers are so cute too. LOVE the enamel stars!!
    Way to go, Heidi! Another beautiful collection!

  8. Carolyn Staat

    I love the colors and the theme of the line. I also love the way that some of the items can be used for more that just Christmas projects. That’s a real benefit. Can’t wait to see more!

  9. Beth Williams

    I am usually a vintage,traditional Christmas person-but I am smitten with this collection. It is absolutely adorable-and so darn happy. It’s been a really rough year for a whole lot of people-this is perfect to lift spirits and bring smiles. WTG girls!

  10. Tara Chaussee

    Oh my what a charming winter and holiday collection! I love the color combos and the coordinating stamps but I think my favorite elements are the die cut tags.

  11. Sharon chapman

    I Adore the people and figures. I have a lot of my husbands family photos and these new pieces are perfect

  12. jackie c.

    I love the nontraditional colors especially the pink and green! The patterns are great and so versatile.
    Love the enamel stars and all the cute stickers!

  13. Carmen M.

    This is a beautiful set. I can see all of the inspiration that you speak of coming out. I am thrilled to see the music staff/note page I think music is such a big part of the holiday season. The only thing I don’t understand is the whole rain thing we always have snow and usually a ton of it πŸ™‚ Wonderful set. It will surely be on my wish list for The Christmas season crafting.

  14. brandi

    The colors are gorgeous! Not just for x-mas, you can use these papers for a lot. Thanks for the beautiful collection and the chance to win!

  15. Jen Carter

    I love the colors in this collection! I’m not much into the traditional Christmas red & green, so this fresh and fun palette really speaks to me!

  16. Susan Wesley

    This line is gorgeous and a must have for me!! I never thought there would be a collection that would ever top my all time favorite October Afternoon Christmas lines. But you have!!!!!

  17. jasmine

    Oh my goodness… that chair lift! So adorable! I love all the pink in this collection. I use pink, mint, and sage green for Christmas decorating so this would fit in so nicely!

  18. Bev

    Very festive! And very fun. The ENTIRE collection is just wonderful. Now I can hardly wait for the holiday season!! ; )

  19. Mendi Yoshikawa

    Oh my goodness! What a fun Christmas collection! It’s my favorite collection of yours to date and it just might be one of my favorite Christmas collections this year! Super cute! πŸ™‚

  20. CARISA z

    This is the first fresh Christmas/winter collection I’ve seen! Love the colors, patterns and your stamps! Gorgeous!

  21. Jennifer Grace

    This is so cute and Christmassy! I love the ‘snow day with you’ penguins and the cuckoo clock stamp, it certainly makes me look forward to the festive season! x

  22. Tarrah McLean

    Oh this is super gorgeous! I love that its still traditional yet could still be used for non traditional projects as well….beautiful! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

    Tarrah x

  23. Pam H.

    This will be my Christmas collection this year. I love the colors and the different paper patterns. It’s not like the average collection! Thank you!

  24. Jennifer B

    Oh my goodness! I love this collection. I love the pink elements and the fact that, while it is Christmassy, the collection is useful for things other than Christmas photos.

  25. Alicia

    I love the freshness of this collection. Christmas will be here before we know it!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win…xx

  26. Mrs Joanne Spers

    WOW! just love the vibrant colours, this looks so much fun, my head is tick tick ticking!!!


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