March Trends: Watercolor

Chickaniddy Crafts Watercolor Backgrounds for Cards by Carson RiuttaHello, my name is Carson and I'm addicted to watercolors! I know there are quite a few of you out there who can sympathize. As far as addictions go, I think it's a pretty good one, mainly because it's oh so pretty and just as forgiving. It also doesn't appear to be going anywhere in the world of papercrafts, so today we're going to embrace it and create some card backgrounds with our paints, using the emboss resist technique. Let's jump in!

Chickaniddy Crafts Supplies for Watercolor Backgrounds for Cards by Carson RiuttaChickaniddy Supplies: jg14st01 - Mini Countdown Clear Stamps

Go ahead and gather your supplies. I used everything you see above. I cut the mixed media paper in half and then trimmed each piece to 4 x 5.25. I love using the stains as my watercolors as they dry very clear and true to color, but please use any set of watercolors you can get your hands on. I used the washi to tape my paper to the cutting board and the large stamping block as my palette for the stains. Not pictured are my versamark ink pad, cup of water and paper towels. Don't forget them, they're important!

Chickaniddy Crafts Watercolor Tutorial  by Carson Riutta

1. Once your paper is cut, you'll want to heat emboss a stamped image onto your background. Choose your stamps, stamp the image with versamark as many times as you like, use clear embossing powder and a heat gun to heat emboss the stamped images.

2. Let the page cool and then tape it down to your board. Cover your page entirely with water and start laying down paint. This is the fun part so go wild! Drop colors here and there willy nilly and let the water work it's magic.

3. When you're done laying paint, take a thirsty brush and mop up the excess water that has collected around the edges of your page. Let your masterpiece dry completely. You can speed things up by using your heat gun for some faster drying.

4. Remove the tape and marvel at the beauty of your work.

5. Now you can stop here, but I love to take my watercolor one step further. To prep for the next step, take a moist piece of paper towel and wipe all the color from the embossed images.

6. Using your iron and a piece of printer paper, Iron off the embossing powder. Lay your page face up on your ironing board, lay the printer paper completely over the watercolor and with a hot iron, iron the page until you see the embossing powder seep through the printer paper. Repeat with a clean piece of printer paper until all the embossing powder has been removed.

You can now stamp another image within your previously embossed images if you like! But whatever you choose to do, now is the time to build your card on top of your watercolor background.

Chickaniddy Crafts Supplies for Watercolor Backgrounds by Carson RiuttaChickaniddy Supplies: sc14os04 - Back to School Paper, DN14OS03 - Downtown Paper, DN14OS12 - Plaid is Rad Paper, DN14EB02 - Illustration Stickers, DN14EB04 - Mini Sticker Tags, DN14EB05 - Mini Sticker Sentiments, DN14EB07 - Enamel Hearts

I used all the gorgeous Chickaniddy supplies you see above. I mostly pulled from their lovely Date Night Collection with a few bits and pieces from their other collections. I just love how the watercolor creates a soft background for the bold images and sentiments. And because it is tailor made, you can create the perfect color match to any elements you want to use.

Chickaniddy Crafts Hello Love Watercolor Card Closeup by Carson RiuttaChickaniddy Crafts He Said Hello Watercolor Card Closeup by Carson RiuttaI hope you'll try this technique if it's new to you. You really can't go wrong and it's so fun to get your artsy on! Thanks for reading, see you all next time!

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