Chickaniddy’s 2014 Craft Team

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I am so giddy about today and I'm sure you can tell why. Many applications came in and even though it was so difficult to choose, we narrowed it down and now we have the perfect craft team for this term. There were 14 spots to fill and each one of these girls have amazingly strong styles. From vintage to modern, we picked a little something from every style. That way you, our readers, all have something to love no matter what your style may be. I hope you take this day to look around their blogs and give them a warm welcome. Now let me introduce to you our official Spring & Summer 2014 Craft Team. Eek!

Layout Girls Chickaniddy Crafts

Allie Stewart Layout Girl Chickaniddy Craft (Medium) Amelie Mordret Layout Girl Chickaniddy Craft  (Medium) Diane Payne Layout Girl Chickaniddy Craft (Medium) Evelyn Pratiwi Yusuf Layout Girl Chickaniddy Craft (Medium) Missy Whidden Layout Girl Chickaniddy Craft (Medium)Wendy Sue Anderson Layout Girl Chickaniddy Craft (Medium)

Card Girls Chickaniddy Crafts

Amy Tsuruta Card Girl Chickaniddy Craft (Medium) Kathy Martin Card Girl Chickaniddy Craft (Medium) Lauroe Schmidlin Card Girl Chickaniddy Craft (Medium)Leigh Penner Card Girl Chickaniddy Craft (Medium)Meredith MacRitchie Card Girl Chickaniddy Craft (Medium) Savannah OGwynn Card Girl Chickaniddy Craft (Medium)

Altered Girls Chickaniddy Crafts

Amanda Coleman Altered Girl Chickaniddy Craft (Medium) Shellya McDaniel Altered Girl Chickaniddy Craft (Medium)



Welcome girls! I'm so excited Pam and I get to work with you over the next 6 months!


26 thoughts on “Chickaniddy’s 2014 Craft Team

  1. Isbaha

    YOUHOUUUUUUU ! So happy to see Allie here ! Chickaniddy is very lucky to have her, she’s one of the most talented girl (and SO nice !). Love her and lover her style, she’s so inspiring ! I’m sure that Chickaniddy and her wil result with amazing projects !
    And very happy also to see a french name, congrats to Amelie !
    Now, I will check the other, very exciting to discover new names !

  2. Emily

    Congrats to the team-it looks like a well established in the “design team world” kind of group. Would be nice to see some new faces designing for companies though. Can’t wait to see all the new inspiration.

  3. Lisa C.

    YAY Allie!! I’m so happy to see you’re part of this team! Allie’s layouts are so beautiful!!

    Way to go everyone! I’m excited for all the DT projects!

  4. Melissa King

    Hi! I just found your website via Jen Gallacher. Looks like you have some great lines and can’t wait too see more of your stuff. There is only one comment that I have, please don’t call your design team gals “alterted girls”. It just doesn’t have a good ring to it. May I kindly suggest “Mixed Media Girls?”

    1. Heidi Sonboul

      Post author

      Hey Melissa. Thanks for the comment. To answer the questions they are called Altered Girls, because they make Altered Items/Projects. Calling them a Mixed Media Girl wouldn’t work, because they don’t do mixed media projects. That kind of crafting using lots of laying with paint and paper stacking/distressing of papers. Altered Item Girls make home decor and gifts. I hope this help clear things up 🙂 I can see what you mean about the mean, but really we will just be calling them our Craft Girls. This was just to share what areas their style is in.


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