To celebrate our 1st year of business we wanted to do something fun and a little silly. So we have come up with a couple of birthday party games that we will be playing throughout CHA. It's simple to do and you could win!

Jan 10th - Take a picture of Mr. Sonboul and hashtag him on Instagram #chickaniddyman and #CHA2015

(PRIZE - A $100 prize pack of Chickaniddy Product)

Jan 11th - Take a picture with our little chickie friend (you can find him in our booth) and post it on Instagram or FB and tag it #HappyBirthdayChickaniddy and #CHA2015

(PRIZE - A $100 prize pack of Chickaniddy Product)

Jan 12th - Blog something you love about the new collections and link it to FB or Instagram #chickaniddy  and #CHA2015

(PRIZE - A $100 prize pack of Chickaniddy Product)

Jan 13th - Play At Home - Post a new layout or project you made using Chickaniddy products

(PRIZE - A $100 prize pack of Chickaniddy Product, a $20 gift card to AND a Guest Design Spotlight on our blog - This Prize will be mailed to the winner).

Winners will be picked daily. Make sure to check if you won on my Instagram account because I will be posting a pictures of the winner at the end of each day. You can find me under -

We can't wait to hang out with you and celebrate all the fun! WOOHOO... it's CHA TIME!

Heidi-Sonboul-Chickaniddy-Crafts badge (Large)

2015 January Chickaniddy Craft Scrappy Scoop

HAPPY NEW YEAR Friends! If you ask me, I feel like this year is going to be the BEST year EVER and I'm kinda excited that we are starting the month off right! On Jan 9th- 13th we will be at the 2015 Winter CHA Show in Anaheim Ca and we have some really fun plans.  So let's get down to business

Booth - If you haven't heard, we will be in booth 345 and this year we will be celebrating one year of business. It's amazing how fast this year has gone by and we as a company have learned so much. We hope you will stop by to visit us for a chat.

Chickaniddy Booth CHA 345

Games and Giveaways - What is a birthday celebration without it's games?! While at CHA we will be playing a couple of fun games and you could win a few awesome prizes! Make sure to come back tomorrow for more details 🙂

New Collections - This week we revealed our newest collections called 365 and Yippee. If you missed them, just click on their names for the direct link. So many of you have left us lovely comments and we are thrilled that everyone loves them. It's going to be exciting to see what you create with them.

Project of the Month - This month I was so impressed by this darling idea. Carson on our Craft Team created a mini album to celebrate the first year of her son's life. What a great way to document your memories in a small portable album. This would make the best gift for a proud grandparent. To view the full post, check out the project on the sidebar or click here.

Project of the month January Carson Chickaniddy Crafts

January Sneak Peeks- chickaniddy sneaks January2

Alrighty.  That's it for today. I hope your New Year's Goals are off to an amazing start and that you had the chance to take some pictures while celebrating with your loved ones.

Heidi-Sonboul-Chickaniddy-Crafts badge (Large)

Merry Christmas Eve Friends! Today is a fast post to wish you a happy and safe holiday and to share the release dates of our newest collections. 365 collection logo chickaniddy crafts (Large)

365 will release on Monday, December 29th

Yippee Logo Chickaniddy Crafts

Yippee will release on Tuesday, December 30th.

It's amazing how fast this year went by and that we will be celebrating 1 years of business at this winter's CHA. It's been a wild, busy and fun year and we hope you will stop by to visit us in booth.

Chickaniddy Booth CHA 345

December Scrappy Scoop Chickaniddy Crafts

Hello Friends! There is so much to be excited about this December and from Christmas celebrations to getting ready for CHA, we have so much to share today!

Chickaniddy Booth CHA 345


CHA - This year at CHA we will be celebrating Chickaniddy's 1st birthday and we hope you will come join in on the fun! If you haven't already heard we will be in booth 345, which is right next to many of our company friends.  Make sure to stop by and visit us, because we are doing lots of fun games and prizes!

Sales and Black Friday Deals - Right now over at a lovely site called Blitsy they are doing an amazing sale with our new Jolly Good collection. The sale ends tomorrow night, so hurry and don't miss the great offers they are giving. CHICKANIDDY DEALS

New Collection Reveal Days - In just a couple more weeks we will be revealing our 2 newest collections. They are both everyday collections packed with beautiful colors. Last month we reveals one of the collection names, which was "Yippee" and today I am sharing the name of the 2nd collections...365 collection logo chickaniddy crafts (Large)

Yippee Logo Chickaniddy Crafts

All throughout the month of December we will be giving sneak peeks of these collections and right after Christmas you will get to see the full reveal.

Giveaways - the winner of our Friday giveaway is Helen Gullett . Please email Pam and we will send out your prize ( Congrats! Remember we are doing giveaways every Friday in the month of Dec, so make sure to pop back in to enter!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Heidi-Sonboul-Chickaniddy-Crafts badge (Large)


12-days-of-gift-wrapping Chickaniddy Crafts

IMG_0286 (Large)

Hello and welcome to our very first Christmas gathering on our Chickaniddy blog! To bring in the Christmas cheer we are celebrating 12 days of Gift Wrapping for Christmas. Over this next 12 days I will be sharing fun videos, free printables, and all my gift wrapping secrets.

Years ago I worked at a party store and to this day... it was one of my FAVORITE jobs. I blew up balloons and wrapped presents. Honestly I could have worked there forever! While working there I became quite good at wrapping presents and, as crazy as it sounds, there really is a right way to wrap a gift. So to kick off my first class I am sharing how to gift wrap with perfection. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be happy to answer them for you.

Thanks for stopping by

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October Scrappy Scoop Badge Chickaniddy Crafts

While the air is getting crisp, we at Chickaniddy have been working like busy little bees and here are a few things we have been up to:

CHA winter - it is just a few months away and the plans are already in full swing. Collections are heading off to the printers and designs for booth themes are coming along. This year will mark 1 full year of being in business, which means we need to party and celebrate. As we get closer to January, I will make sure to share some sneaks.

I Spy With My Little Eye - Chickaniddy in your local shops!  Over this past month we have seen a few friends sharing images made with our goodies. It's fun seeing the product being used and loved. With each new project popping up, Pam and I just Oooo and Awww over everything. Remember if you have created something, please make sure to tag #Chickaniddy on instagram or post on our Facebook page. If you haven't yet seen Chickaniddy in your local shop, make sure to tell the owners about us 🙂

Kits Clubs - We felt so blessed to see so many clubs add us to their beautiful kits. Gossamer Blue  and Scrapbook Circle  made amazing kits with our product and it's already almost out of stock. If you order one of their monthly kits and make something, we would love to see! Again, please make sure to tags us on instagram or share it on Facebook. 

Designer Spotlights - We are looking for designer spotlights, so again if you have made something with Chickaniddy products, share it with us. We can't wait to see what you have made. Those that send in work, might get featured on the blog.

Project of The Month - This month's Craft Team Member Project of the month winner is.... Cassandra ChenThere were so many amazing projects this month and it was really hard to choose, but Cassandra's wall decor was layered in such a beautiful way that it was a clear winner. Congrats Cassandra! Your project will go up on the side bar and you will receive a gift card tomorrow.

Cassandra Chen Chickaniddy Crafts Fall Decor

This month's Sneaky Peeks -

Chickaniddy Crafts Project sneak for October (2)

And for fun here is a fast project I've made.  I wanted to celebrate fall for the boys, so I put together a little treat box loaded with candy and school holiday erasers. Perfect for any kid! To see how I made them head over to my blog. HAPPY OCTOBER EVERYONE! I hope this is a fun and spooky month for you and your family!


Heidi-Sonboul-Chickaniddy-Crafts badge (Large)


When I think of September I get so happy. I love all the warm colors and blue sky it brings. With the team celebrating teachers and kids going back to school, I decided to visit Pinterest for some color pinspiration. I looked up the word "fall", came across this photo, and I fell in love! There was something about the styling that hooked me and got me excited to scrap my photos of the boys heading back to school (photos from last year).

Heidi Sonboul Chickaniddy Crafts Scrumptious september (5)

Heidi Sonboul Chickaniddy Crafts Scrumptious september (1)

With the Craft Team focusing on our new Scrumptious collection for the month, I pulled out the supplies and, lucky me, I found papers and embellishments that match the vibe of the photo. While pulling my supplies I came up with a fun and fast technique to add in a little more blue.

Technique Tips:

  1. Pick the color you love and put it into a bowl (to control the amount you want).
  2. Paint a large circle on a natural pattern paper cardstock and don't be afraid to be a little messy.
  3. Right now so many are using water colors, which I LOVE! For this project I decided to use use acrylic paint simply because the color is richer looking and I really wanted this color to pop!

Heidi Sonboul Chickaniddy Crafts Scrumptious september (2)

It's super simple, but I love this technique! It allows me to add a color I might not have in paper and the cost is so small. It also allows me to get the right shade I need. Once I let the paint dry, I started to layer my papers. I personally LOVE pattern paper and always try to get in a lot of it. My trick is that I look for simple patterns that are all in the same color palette. Green stripe, green tags, green patterns.  Just remember that it can become too busy if you use a lot of busy color patterns. So look for 1 color and white. Notice my white polka-dot on yellow? Or my green and white stripe? The white allows for the colors to blend and not compete.

Heidi Sonboul Chickaniddy Crafts Scrumptious september (3)

Heidi Sonboul chickaniddy Crafts September

To finish my look I added some stitching and a few embellishments. So the next time you can't find the right cardstock color, don't worry. Just get out your paint and I'm positive you will be pleased with the look. Have a wonderful day everyone and HAPPY SEPTEMBER!Heidi-Sonboul-Chickaniddy-Crafts (Small)


Can you guys believe that it's already Sept?! Wow did this summer come and go! Even though I'm shocked it's already fall, I have to tell you that I'm so excited for this month. We have so many fun new things going on and I know you will all love it! So here is the Scrappy Scoop:

  • The Scrappy Scoop: Starting this month our news will now be called "The Scrappy Scoop" and on the first day of each month we will share all the scoop of what's going on with Chickaniddy here on the blog.
  • Giveaways: On the first Friday of every month we will host a giveaway and we will have an easy new way to enter. So mark your calendars for this Friday the 5th.
  • Happy Highlights: At the beginning of each month, we will share some "Happy Highlights" of projects that will be posted throughout the month. It's our way of running a fresh and friendly blog. Here are this month's sneak peeks:Chickaniddy Crafts Sept Sneak Peeks
  • On Sale: Right now at our CHA 2014 Winter collections are on sale and they are great deals. If you were looking to snag these collections, now's your chance! You can find them HERE
  • New Craft Team: Last month on August 28th, we announced our new team. Did you miss it? Here is the link to the post and these ladies are so talented and sweet.
  • Celebrating The Happy Crafter: Mid Sept we will share our BIG plans with "Celebrating The Happy Crafter" and you won't want to miss the party. So keep a lookout for it.
  • Guest Designer: This month we have an amazing guest designer and we will share who it is this coming Tuesday, so don't miss it. She is so lovely and we are thrilled to have her with us this month.
  • Project Of The Month: Each month we will pick a project of the month, which can be found on the sidebar. The winning team member receives a gift card to celebrate her hard work and this Month our winner is Laurie! We just LOVED this card and thought her technique on our foil papers was beautiful. Just so beautiful!

We at Chickaniddy hope you all have an amazing and creative month. Remember, don't miss the giveaway this Friday the 5th.

Heidi-Sonboul-Chickaniddy-Crafts (Small)

This past six months flew by and it's hard to believe that Chickaniddy has been open for eight months of business. I can't even begin to explain how blessed I feel and it's almost as if I can't find the words. To see my life long dream of owning my own company coming true and growing is so heart warming. I know that none of the growth would be possible without those that help it grow. Our craft team girls have gone above and beyond and have made so many beautiful items!

This coming Friday we will celebrate the new team and the welcome eight new girls to the team, but before we do I wanted to take time and thank those that are leaving us.

Dear Amanda ColemanAmélie MordretDiane Payne,Evelyn YusufKathy MartinLaurie SchmidlinMeredith MacRitchieSavannah O'GywnnShellye McDaniel, and Wendy Sue Anderson ,

Pam and I have LOVED working with all of you! Your projects have been so beautiful and packed with inspiration. My favorite part of every morning was waking up and seeing the Chickaniddy blog posts. Thank you for being a part of our team and helping us grow as a company. I am truly grateful for all your thoughts, help and friendship! You girls have been such a dream to work with.


PS Here is a little sneak of the product we are featuring in the month of Sept. Are you excited for fall? Because I sure am!

IMG_8364-002 (Large)

Crate Team Call

Are you interested in being considered for our new team? If so, please check out the details below. We are excited to have you apply.  Our craft team call goes from July 18th - Aug 17th.

What we are looking for:

  • Highly motivated and positive people with a defined style
  • New talent is always welcomed
  • GREAT photography of projects (this is very important to us)
  • Layout, card, and altered items designers
  • Designers with social media accounts such as blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. (you do not need all of them, but you must have a blog and FB account)

How to apply:

Please send an email to containing the following information:

  • Your name and contact information, including resume
  • Links to your gallery, blog, Facebook, Instagram accounts, and other social media that applies
  • Between 5 -7 examples of your projects such as layouts, cards, and altered items (please make images are no larger than 400 KB JPEG files)
  • What design teams you are currently on

How the team will work:

  • Create two projects a month for the blog with write-ups
  • Create additional CHA projects as needed
  • Post your projects on your social media accounts
  • Submit your projects for publications
  • Term is for 1 year long (Sept 2014 - Aug 2015)
  • Call is open to USA and Internationals

Benefits of working with Chickaniddy Crafts

  • Paid projects for CHA work
  • Payments for publications
  • Rewards (such as gift cards). Once a month "Best project of the month".
  • Exposure of projects on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other media

Questions?  Please send to Pam Callaghan at

And remember, don't forget to enter into our new collection giveaways. 

Scrumptious & Jolly Good


I'm so happy this day is finally here and I can share with you my newest collection. I'd like to introduce to you the Scrumptious collection. It's an everyday Fall collection that celebrates fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and the everyday family life. Make sure to come back tomorrow to see the full Jolly Good Collection.




Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-03A-Pumpkin-Spice Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-03B-Pumpkin-Spice Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-04A-Back-To-School Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-04B-Back-To-School

Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-05A-Hay-Ride Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-05B-Hay-Ride Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-06A-Autumn-Haze Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-06B-Autumn-Haze

Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-07A-Nutmeg Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-07B-Nutmeg Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-08A-Friends-and-Family Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-08B-Friends-and-Family

Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-09A-Check-Please Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-09B-Check-Please Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-10A-New-Harvest Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-10B-New-Harvest Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-11A-Frolic-In-The-Leaves

Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-11B-Frolic-In-The-Leaves Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-12A-Corn-On-The-Cob Scrumptious-12x12-Paper-12B-Corn-On-The-Cob



Scrumptious-Alpha-Stickers Scrumptious-Journal-Tags Scrumptious-Mini-Brads Scrumptious-Enamel-Stars

Scrumptious-Banners Scrumptious-Tags Scrumptious-SentimentsScrumptious-Die-Cut-TagsScrumptious-Die-Cut-Tags-All

Scrumptious-Clear-Illustration-Stamps Scrumptious-Clear-Alpha-Stamps

Leave a comment and you could win this brand new collection before it's in stores.