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Hands up anyone finding it difficult to believe we are getting ready for Christmas and 2014 is almost behind us! Yes, that's my hand waving... it's Melinda with you today and I'm still getting used to the idea that my craft desk is covered in a Christmas decoration production line.

Melinda Spinks Chickaniddy Crafts Christmas Ornaments

Here are the products used for my decorations:

Melinda Spinks Chickaniddy Crafts Christmas Ornaments supplies

Supply List: Jolly Good - Caroling (JG14OS03), Christmas Eve (JG14OS01), Holiday (JG14OS08), Snow Play (JG14OS09), Sugar Cookies (JG14OS02), Sweater Weather (JG14OS04). Illustration Stickers (JG14EB01), Mini Brads (JG14EB08).

Layout Recipe:

1. I was lucky to find a wonderful selection of paper maché baubles at a local craft store so the difficult task was done and all I had to do was decorate. I'm a big fan of having a different colour scheme each year and this year I opted for pink. I used different techniques with each item to add extra interest and texture to the tree.

Melinda Spinks Chickaniddy Crafts Christmas Ornaments technique

2. I'm sure the little flower punch I used for this bauble is quite possibly due for retirement as it must have punched thousands upon thousands of little flowers over my years of papercrafting. I simply punched out the flowers, folded the petals slightly and adhered them to the bauble before finishing with larger flowers, brads and leaves.

Melinda Spinks Chickaniddy Crafts Christmas Ornaments close-up

3. I used a similar approach with this bauble but swapped my flower for a small circle and instead of adhering with glue I used foam pop dots to raise one edge of each circle.



Melinda Spinks Chickaniddy Crafts Christmas Ornaments close-up 2


Melinda Spinks Chickaniddy Crafts Christmas Ornaments close-up 3


4. The final bauble was probably the hardest to work on as I had to try and cut each panel the right size and shape as each side seemed to differ from the one next to it. I scrunched up the paper pieces before adhering and then roughed up the edges where they joined the next piece.

Melinda Spinks Chickaniddy Crafts Christmas Ornaments close-up 4

Now as much as I loved creating these tree ornaments, I can honestly guarantee that our tree will not be solely decorated from hand-made items... I don't have enough hours in the day to completely fill a tree. Perhaps I can continue to work on it over the next few years.


In the meantime I will be getting my Christmas grocery list organised and one recipe that tops the list every year is our Christmas Chocolate Ripple Cake. Now there's not much involved in making this cake that's not really a cake, but it tastes delicious and it's everyone's favourite.

Chocolate Ripple Biscuits x 1 packet (250g)

Cream x 2 bottles (600ml)

Vanilla Essence (1 teaspoon)

Icing Sugar (2 heaped tablespoons)

Chocolate and sweets to decorate

Bailey's Irish Cream

Add cream, vanilla and icing sugar to a mixing bowl and mix on high until firm peaks are formed. Pour enough Bailey's into a bowl to dunk biscuits. Take one biscuit and dunk quickly into the Bailey's Irish Cream add a dollop of cream and set down onto your tray. Repeat the process joining each biscuit to create a log or circle depending on your plate shape. Completely cover with remaining cream. Grate chocolate over the top and add sweets to decorate. Refrigerate for a couple of hours to soften before needed. Cut on a diagonal across the biscuits. Note: For a children friendly version you can replace the Bailey's with milk or orange juice.

Thank you for stopping by today and don't forget to come back tomorrow as you don't want to miss Tessa's amazing project!

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Good day to all! It's Cassandra here back with some fun! Have you seen/bought Chickaniddy's Christmas collection - Jolly Good?! The collection is so sweet and cute and perfect to share a peek-a- boo gift box tutorial and a baking recipe for Christmas! It's never too early to start preparing for thanksgiving and Christmas ya!:D

Cassandra Chen Chickaniddy Crafts Christmas Project

Interested to know how to create this? It's really easy and you don't even need a cutting machine for it! Here are the supplies needed for the peek-a-boo gift box:


Cassandra Chen Chickaniddy Crafts Christmas Project template supplies

  1. This is the measurement for a 5x5" gift box. I made it to be 5x5" so that it's easier to change the scale according to your needs. These are the actual cuts needed since the largest paper size is only 12". Illustrations are drawn using a black pen for clearer view but use a pencil instead so that it's easy to remove those lines.

Cassandra Chen Chickaniddy Crafts Christmas Project template


Cassandra Chen Chickaniddy Crafts Christmas Project template2


2. Cut it out and fold along the lines. If you are interested to create the see through effect, use a pen knife to cut the square out and stick a transparency over it.


Cassandra Chen Chickaniddy Crafts Christmas Project template product 1


3.Glue the areas marked in green and hole punch the small square tab.

Cassandra Chen Chickaniddy Crafts Christmas Project template product 2


4.Decorate the box and string a ribbon through the small square tabs, glue them to the sides and it's done!:D You have just created a gift box in 10 minutes! It's now time to bake the cookies!

Cassandra Chen Chickaniddy Crafts Christmas Project 

Supplies: Jolly Good – Caroling(jg14os03), Happy New Year (jg14os12), Holly Jolly (jg14os05), Making Spirits Bright (jg14os07), Die Cut Tags (jg14eb04), Illustration Stickers (jg14eb01)



Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies Recipe:

Cassandra Chen Chickaniddy Crafts recipe


Makes 24 cookies

Dry ingredients:

  • 1 cup allpurpose flour  
  • 3/4 cupwhite sugar
  • 1/3 cup darkcocoa powder
  • 1/4 teaspoonbaking soda
  • 1/8 teaspoonsalt

Wet ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup butter(softened)
  • 1egg
  • 1 teaspoonvanilla extract
  • 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1/3 cupchopped walnut


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees (175 degree celsius)
  2. In a big bowl, mix all the dry ingredients together with a whisk.
  3. In your electric mixer, add the softened butter and sugar and mix it on medium speed for about 1 minute or until it is well mixed together.
  4. Then reduce to low speed and add the egg and vanilla extract. Mix it for about one minute till it's light and fluffy!
  5. Thereafter, add in the dry ingredients (except the chips and walnut) and mix it for about one minute until it is well mixed.
  6. Then add in the chips and walnuts (I like to bake/toast the walnut first to bring out theflavor)
  7. Transfer them to a well greased tray with a spoon and add them into the pre-heated oven for about 8-10 minutes! 

EASY PEASY! And let it cool on a rack and have your whole house smelling of chocolate walnut!! 

Either eat them fresh with warm milk or place them in air tight containers and add them in the nice gift boxes that you have created  for your loved ones nearing Christmas! What a sweet gift to receive!:D


I like to wrap them in plastic bags before placing them in the gift box as it might be quite oily overtime. And tell your friends not to throw away your gift box after eating the cookies!:P Cut the top part off and add a tea candle and it instantly transform into a candle holder!:D Another Christmas piece for the table! 


Thanks so much for dropping by and hope you try this gift box tutorial and chocolate walnut recipe! I would love to see your creations! Hashtag chickaniddycrafts on Instagram k! I will be on the lookout!:D It's never too early to prepare Christmas gifts! Till my next update, take care and God Bless!:D 

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12-days-of-gift-wrapping Chickaniddy Crafts

I have a holiday secret.  I LOVE being a secret Santa! I've never been one to rob a bank for thrills, but sneaking up to a door, placing a gift down, ringing the doorbell and running off to hide in a bush is where I get my kicks!

Today for my 12 days of gift wrap I wanted to share the perfect gift wrap for your sneaky secret Santa deliveries. It's pretty, fast to make, and everyone will love them. This door hanger will keep your gift from getting wet in the snow or rain because it's off the ground and it looks so pretty hanging there. Don't you think?!

Heidi Sonboul Door knob Secret Santa Chickaniddy Crafts

Step to create this:


  1. Print out the template on cardstock or cut out the cut file HERE.
  2. Trace the template on your paper and cut it out.
  3. Follow the folding lines and glue together.
  4. Fill the box with candy, gift cards, a small gift and maybe even a fun clue.
  5. Decorate with stickers and ribbon to finish the look.

Come on.... wouldn't you love opening your door to this?! Just think, you could even do this for all your loved neighbors. I hope you have fun this coming Christmas and enjoy the gift of giving. It will truly make your spirits bright! Happy Friday everyone!

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thankful home decor


Chickaniddy Crafts Carson Riutta Pumpkin Full

Well hello again, lovely readers! It's Carson here, and I'm thrilled to be sharing a place card project with you all, just in time for some serious fall feasting.

We're going to be hosting Thanksgiving this year and I wanted to make something crafty for the table that would be appreciated by the kids and adults alike. I also wanted to make sure that the 3 and 4 year olds don't sit next to one another, and that all the adults are strategically placed to promote great conversation, or diffuse potential heated ones. Place cards were the answer and the Scrumptious collection made them so adorable.

Carson Riutta Chickaniddy Crafts supplies

Chickaniddy Supplies: sc14eb01 Illustration Stickers, sc14eb03 Journal Tags, sc14os01 Fall Bouquet, sc14os09 Check Please, sc14os08 Friends And Family, sc14os04 Back To School, sc14os06 Autumn Haze, Other Supplies: 110lb White Card Stock, Butterfly Tendrils die cut, Woodgrain Thickers

In addition to the supplies you see above, I used all my heavy hitters; my Silhouette Cameo, my Cuttlebug, and my Singer sewing machine. If you are thinking of recreating this project, please know that once all the shapes are cut, putting the pumpkins together is a snap, so don't be intimidated, you can do this!

Chickaniddy Crafts Carson Riutta Pumpkin Place Card Angle

1. First, you'll want to choose, size, and cut your pumpkin shapes along with your stems and leaves. I did the pumpkins and the stems with my Silhouette and the leaves with my Cuttlebug, but any way you do it will work. I cut three pumpkin shapes from three different patterned papers from the Scrumptious collection. I then cut three pumpkin shapes from a piece of cardstock for the bases. This will make three place cards.

2. Stack the three patterned pumpkins together and make two cuts with scissors, where you want the stitch lines to be. This will leave you with nine pieces which you can puzzle together to make three place cards.

Chickaniddy Crafts Carson Riutta Pumpkin Pieces

3. Double stick tape your patterned pieces onto a cardstock pumpkin.

4. Run the pumpkins through your sewing machine, I used stitch #9.

5. Add your stems and leaves with glue.

6. Using the Scrumptious label and illustration stickers, as well as some alphas, decorate your place cards.

Chickaniddy Crafts Carson Riutta Pumpkin Sneak

Not only will these pumpkins look so lovely on my Thanksgiving table, but they'll facilitate family peace and harmony. Who knew such a cute little thing could make such a big impact?!

Have fun around your own tables this fall, and remember, calories don't count when it's cold out.

Carson Riutta Chickaniddy Crafts Badge (square)

thankful home decor
Elizabeth here and I am super excited about Fall and how beautiful it is! Today I share with you an altered project I created using the fun Scrumptious Collection! I love that collection a lot, and really enjoyed creating this as well! Making a banner will fit right in within our home, as you can see!
1. I don't know who the naked banner is created by, I received it from a friend in a box so I am unable to give credit where it is due. You can purchase banners at any craft store.
2.  I traced and cut my papers to the banner shape, once those were cut, I Mod Podge them so that they would last longer. One of the tips I can share is that I Mod Podge both the back and front side of the papers. I find that in doing this, it allows for there to be less bubbles and it also ensures sturdiness. 
3. Dry for about 10 minutes. Once it is dried you can go to town and create your banner how you see fit! I super glued my fall letters (bought at Michael's) on to each banner. 
4. The main Scrumptious Collection element I used here was the girl on Scrumptious Frolic In The Leaves (SKU: sc14os11). I love the way she is jumping! I fussy-cut her out and used her on every single banner. She is the running theme for my banner.

 5. Next just place the elements you want to use on to the banner. I hot-glued most of those items down because I want to use it year after year. This will ensure it does not fall off or get ruined. I did not Mod Podge the elements.

Elizabeth Hellum Chickaniddy Crafts Banner
 Close ups of each letter:
Elizabeth Hellum Chickaniddy Crafts Banner 2
Elizabeth Hellum Chickaniddy Crafts Banner 3
Elizabeth Hellum Chickaniddy Crafts Banner 4
Elizabeth Hellum Chickaniddy Crafts Banner 5
Supplies: Scrumptious Collection Pumpkin Spice (SKU: sc14os03), Scrumptious Collection Corn On The Cob (SKU: sc14os12), Scrumptious Collection Frolic In The Leaves (SKU: sc14os11), Scrumptious Collection Nutmeg (SKU: sc14os07), Scrumptious Collection Die-Cut Tags (SKU: sc14eb04), Scrumptious Collection Home Sweet Home (SKU: sc14os02), Scrumptious Illustration Stickers (SKU: sc14eb01), Scrumptious Mini Sticker Sentiments (SKU: sc14eb07), Scrumptious Mini Sticker Tags (SKU: sc14eb06), Generic Twine, Generic Pop Dots, Mod Podge, Michael's letters.

This looks great on hanging on our fireplace and brings fall right in to our home to warm it up!

 Elizabeth badge

thankful home decor

Hello! Tessa here with an upcycled home decor project. When my daughter was born this year, we bought a new crib for her. We had saved the old crib, but it had fallen into disrepair over the years. We salvaged the springs - a regular crib-sized one and a smaller one made to extend the crib into a toddler bed. The large spring is on the nursery wall with dozens of hair clips and headbands pinned to it. The smaller one is attached to a small wall in our livingroom. For fall, I created several tags from the Scrumptious line to attach to the crib spring with small clothespins:

Tessa Buys Chickaniddy Crafts Upcycle Project

1. I created my tags by attaching little photos to 3x4 cards, and matting 3x4 photos to white cardstock. Each tag is embellished with Scrumptious stickers and labels.

Tessa Buys Chickaniddy Crafts Upcycle Project 2
Supplies Used: Corn on the Cob Paper (SC14OS12), Die-cut Tags (SC14EB04), Home Sweet Home Paper (SC14OS02), Illustration Stickers (SC14EB01), Mini Sticker Banners (SC14EB05), Mini Sticker Sentiments (SC14EB07), Fall Bouquet Paper (SC14OS01)


Tessa Buys Chickaniddy Crafts Upcycle Project 3

2. Thinking ahead to winter, I wondered how I might save these tags. I piled them together and realized they would make a darling mini album:

Tessa Buys Chickaniddy Crafts Upcycle Project album

3. I embellished and journaled on the back of several of the tags, punched holes in each one, and strung the pages on a binder ring.

Tessa Buys Chickaniddy Crafts Upcycle Project Album Pages

Now, when the season is over, I can still enjoy my home decor project, but in a different format.

Tessa Buys Chickaniddy Crafts Upcycle Project Album 2

I hope you've been inspired to look at your cast-off furniture with a creative eye. And don't be shy about giving your home decor a new life as another type of project. With all the work we put into our paper crafts, we should be able to enjoy them for a long time. Thanks for visiting today!


October Scrappy Scoop Badge Chickaniddy Crafts

While the air is getting crisp, we at Chickaniddy have been working like busy little bees and here are a few things we have been up to:

CHA winter - it is just a few months away and the plans are already in full swing. Collections are heading off to the printers and designs for booth themes are coming along. This year will mark 1 full year of being in business, which means we need to party and celebrate. As we get closer to January, I will make sure to share some sneaks.

I Spy With My Little Eye - Chickaniddy in your local shops!  Over this past month we have seen a few friends sharing images made with our goodies. It's fun seeing the product being used and loved. With each new project popping up, Pam and I just Oooo and Awww over everything. Remember if you have created something, please make sure to tag #Chickaniddy on instagram or post on our Facebook page. If you haven't yet seen Chickaniddy in your local shop, make sure to tell the owners about us 🙂

Kits Clubs - We felt so blessed to see so many clubs add us to their beautiful kits. Gossamer Blue  and Scrapbook Circle  made amazing kits with our product and it's already almost out of stock. If you order one of their monthly kits and make something, we would love to see! Again, please make sure to tags us on instagram or share it on Facebook. 

Designer Spotlights - We are looking for designer spotlights, so again if you have made something with Chickaniddy products, share it with us. We can't wait to see what you have made. Those that send in work, might get featured on the blog.

Project of The Month - This month's Craft Team Member Project of the month winner is.... Cassandra ChenThere were so many amazing projects this month and it was really hard to choose, but Cassandra's wall decor was layered in such a beautiful way that it was a clear winner. Congrats Cassandra! Your project will go up on the side bar and you will receive a gift card tomorrow.

Cassandra Chen Chickaniddy Crafts Fall Decor

This month's Sneaky Peeks -

Chickaniddy Crafts Project sneak for October (2)

And for fun here is a fast project I've made.  I wanted to celebrate fall for the boys, so I put together a little treat box loaded with candy and school holiday erasers. Perfect for any kid! To see how I made them head over to my blog. HAPPY OCTOBER EVERYONE! I hope this is a fun and spooky month for you and your family!


Heidi-Sonboul-Chickaniddy-Crafts badge (Large)

Hi Chickaniddy fans!  Amanda here today with some fun Fourth of July decor.  I love summer BBQs and outdoor parties!  These little paper lanterns are easy to make and would make lovely table decor, or even a fun gift.

Amanda Coleman Chickaniddy Crafts 4th Lanterns

Die cut paper lanterns from silver foil to use as Fourth of July decor or as a fun trinket for the kids.  Use them as part of a table setting or even string a bunch together to make a custom strand of lights.


Amanda Coleman Chickaniddy Crafts 4th Lanterns 2

Light the lanterns with an electronic tea light.  Small, electronic tea lights will fit into the top of the lantern, but the bottom of the lantern also opens up allowing you to insert a larger electronic light if needed.   Give lanterns to the kids to carry around as they stay up late watching fireworks.


Amanda Coleman Chickaniddy Crafts 4th Lanterns close-up

The silver foil paper die cuts really well in a Silhouette.  Even the tiniest of details cuts perfectly and doesn't leave any little snags or tears.


Amanda Coleman Chickaniddy Crafts 4th Lanterns 3

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!




Supplies: Silver Foil Paper CN14SP002; mini 3d lantern cut file

Greetings! You have Shellye along with you today with a very easy take on making your own feather embellishments with foil paper.  I love the masculine feel that it lends to my little mason jar that I have set aside for Father's Day 🙂

Shellye McDaniel Chickaniddy Foil Mason Jar
Shellye McDaniel Chickaniddy Foil Mason Jar tutorial

For each feather, you will need a strip of the Goldie Lox Gold Foil Paper that measures 1" X 6".

Shellye McDaniel Chickaniddy Foil Mason Jar tutorial 2

Fold the strip in half; corner round the folded edges if desired, although I hand-cut mine into shape later on in the process.  Apply a piece of high tack adhesive down the center of one side.  Adhere a 10" length of fabric covered floral wire (or any type of bendable material) to the adhesive and then fold the other flap over and press in place.

Shellye McDaniel Chickaniddy Foil Mason Jar close-up

Cut small, angular slits into each side of the foil paper; the wire at the center acts as a nice guide for cutting.  Flair out the cuts to give extra dimension.

Shellye McDaniel Chickaniddy Foil Mason Jar close-up 2

I layered my two feathers together with some foam adhesive and then attached to a quick tag that I made from some of the Date Night tags!  Fill with some of Dad's favorite treats and you're all set!

Products Used:
Twirly Girl- CN14SP001 Goldie Lox Foil Paper
Date Night- DN140S05 Cutest Couple Paper

Hello Chickaniddy fans!  Amanda here today.  Embroidery hoop decor is so much fun to make.  Inspired by the diamond sticker embellishments in the Twirly Girly collection, I created a pretty, argyle patterned piece of embroidery hoop decor.

Amanda Coleman Chickaniddy Crafts Embroidery Hoop

Although spring has just sprung, summer is right around the corner and nothing says summer quite like peaches!  It was love at first sight when I first saw the peaches in the Twirly Girly collection.  I just want to eat them all up!


Amanda Coleman Chickaniddy Crafts Embroidery Hoop close-up

I machine stitched the argyle pattern, but it would look equally as lovely with hand-drawn faux stitching.


Amanda Coleman Chickaniddy Crafts Embroidery Hoop close-up 2

The large peach is from the Twirly Girly sticker sheet and the two smaller peaches are fussy cut from patterned paper.  I couldn't resist the darling flower brads and added a few of those, too.


Amanda Coleman Chickaniddy Crafts Embroidery Hoop close-up 3

After I added the peaches and flowers, I made a sweet bow and adhered it to the top of my hoop.


Amanda Coleman Chickaniddy Crafts Embroidery Hoop tutorial

To create the argyle pattern, I die cut diamonds from patterned paper and adhered them to a piece of cardstock.  After they were adhered, I added the stitching with my sewing machine.


Amanda Coleman Chickaniddy Crafts Embroidery Hoop tutorial 2

After stitching the diamonds, adhere the inner hoop to the back of the cardstock.  After the hoop is dry, trim any excess paper with a craft knife.


Amanda Coleman Chickaniddy Crafts Embroidery Hoop tutorial 3

Attach the outer hoop before you add embellishments.  Add some pretty details and it's ready to hang on the wall.

Happy crafting!




From Twirly Girly: Party Dress TG14OS06; Paper Posies TG14OS05; Never Grow UP TG14OS11; Sticker Sheet TG14EB02; Brads TG14EB06

One of my favorite icons in the Twirly Girly collection is the teacup.  They are so fun and sweet and remind me of little girls' tea parties everywhere.  I thought it would be fun to make a paper teacup and saucer from this sweet collection.

Amanda Coleman Chickaniddy Crafts Twirly Girly Cupcake Holder

I used this file from the Silhouette store to make the little teacup and saucer.  It was super easy to assemble and makes for a darling cupcake presentation.  This sweet teacup would delight young daughters and grandmothers alike.


Amanda Coleman Chickaniddy Crafts Twirly Girly Cupcake Holder close-up

I layered a variety of stickers and fussy cut flowers and leaves to create a bouquet for the front of the teacup.   Several layers are popped up with foam to add more dimension to the bouquet.


Amanda Coleman Chickaniddy Crafts Twirly Girly Cupcake Holder close-up2

Aren't the teacup and saucer just darling?  They would make a lovely presentation for any kind of treat or small gift.  (Forgive the chocolate smudge on the rim of the teacup.  I should have taken a picture of the teacup and saucer before I put the cupcake inside.)


Amanda Coleman Chickaniddy Crafts Twirly Girly Cupcake Holder close-up3

I layered some banner flags and fussy cut flowers to make a sweet cupcake topper.

Happy Spring!

Twirly Girly collection: Rosy Posy TG12OS01; Never Grow UP TG14OS11; Keepsakes TG14OS04; Paper Posies TG14OS05; Sticker Sheet TG14EB02; Mini Sticker Sentiments TG14EB05


Hello!  Shellye here today with a super-sweet Spring Centerpiece using the Twirly Girly Collection, a few floral punches and cute chick cutting file.

Shellye McDaniel Chickaniddy Twirly Girly Spring Centerpiece

I first started out with a plain wooden planter box and a sheet of the Party Dress "Side B" paper.

Shellye McDaniel Chickaniddy Twirly Girly technique 1

After tracing the sides onto the paper and cutting the four pieces out, I placed them through the Xyron 9" Creative Station and applied a permanent adhesive.

Shellye McDaniel Chickaniddy Twirly Girly Spring Centerpiece technique 2

I added a piece of floral foam to the inside of the box and then covered it with green excelsior.

Shellye McDaniel Chickaniddy Twirly Girly Spring Centerpiece technique 3

You can find the adorable Spring Chick cutting file here.  Using my personal cutting machine, I cut the main piece of the chick's body from the yellow/white stripe diagonal portion of the Piggy Tales paper and then used a yellow contrasting cardstock as the shadow. I didn't use the part of the file containing the legs; instead I adhered two halves of bamboo skewers to the back and then inked the pieces with a Peanut Brittle ink by Imagine Crafts.

Shellye McDaniel Chickaniddy Twirly Girly Spring Centerpiece technique 4

I cut two small brown circles from cardstock and adhered them behind the eye area.  A small diamond shape was added for the beak.  I used pink chalk for the cheeks and also inked the edges of the chick with a Sunflower Yellow ink from Imagine Crafts. After embellishing the little chick with a layered flower, I inserted the two bamboo skewers (legs) into the floral foam.


Shellye McDaniel Chickaniddy Twirly Girly Spring Centerpiece close-up

In finishing, I incorporated several styles of flowers that I punched from the Piggy Tales and Party Dress Papers.  I either added hand-sewn buttons or enamel hearts to the centers.  Each flower was attached around the top edge of the wooden box with a high tack adhesive dot.

Shellye McDaniel Chickaniddy Twirly Girly Spring Centerpiece close-up2

I softened the bottom edge of the box by adding some pretty crotchet trim from May Arts Ribbon.

Shellye McDaniel Chickaniddy Twirly Girly Spring Centerpiece close-up3

Here is one last look at the completed Happy Spring Centerpiece:

Shellye McDaniel Chickaniddy Twirly Girly Spring Centerpiece 2

Twirly Girl Products: Party Dress Paper TG14OS06; This and That Paper TG14OS07; Piggy Tales Paper TG14OS12; Mini Sticker Tags TG14EB04; Enamel Hearts TG14EB07; Brads TG14EB06