Beautiful Christmas Gift Mini Album!

Chickaniddy Crafts Carson Riutta Baby's First Year Cover

Happy December my Chickaniddy friends! It's Carson again with a gift idea for those of you with young children and doting grandparents. In my household we are having a very frugal Christmas this season. It's been a lean year for a number of us and the whole family is excited about leaving the financial stresses of the holidays behind, for now. Even though I'm not spending money on the adults, I did want to make a special album for my mom, with pictures from each month of little Ronan's first year. We did something similar for his older brother and the Grandma's absolutely loved it.

Chickaniddy Crafts Carson Riutta Baby's First Year Closeup

Before jumping into the making of my mini-album, I always find it helpful to have a plan of attack. I knew I wanted to use my watercolors, so I chose to construct the book from a small 6x9 inch pad of mixed media paper. I pulled the colors for my paints from the beautiful papers of the Jolly Good Collection, blue, green, pink and I threw in some yellow for fun.

Chickaniddy Crafts Carson Riutta Baby's First Year PapersChickaniddy Supplies: jg14os02-Sugar Cookies Paper, jg14os04-Sweater Weather Paper, jg14os10-Rainy Day Paper, jg14os08-Holiday Paper, jg14os12-Happy New Year Paper,

I then decided on the elements for each page. I was going to use a picture, a piece of patterned paper, those lovely green letter stickers, a label, my date stamp, a star or two, some mini phrase stickers and some neutral wood veneer for dimension. With my "kit" all laid out, putting the pages together was a total snap!

Carson Riutta Chickaniddy Crafts 12 Frames Supplies 2Chickaniddy Supplies: jg14eb01 - Illustration Stickers, jg14eb03 - Journal Tags, jg14eb09 - Enamel Star Stickers, jg14eb04 - Die Cut Tags, jg14eb02 - Alpha Stickers, jg14eb05 - Mini Sticker Banners, jg14eb07 - Mini Sticker Sentiments, jg14eb06 - Mini Sticker Tags, jg14os11 - Tis The Season Paper, jg14os05 - Holly Jolly Paper, jg14os07 - Making Spirits Bright,

Here is the album in it's entirety. I love how it all came together, bright, colorful and playful, just like the little nugget himself.

IMG_3680Collage 4 MonthsChickaniddy Crafts Carson Riutta Baby's First Year, 5 MonthsCollage 6 MonthsIMG_3753

Before I leave you today, I wanted to show you a quick and easy way to bind your next mini-album. I love this method because it doesn't use any glue and is so easy to do. Besides, I'm a sucker for a pretty bow.

Chickaniddy Crafts Carson Riutta Baby's First Year Ribbon Tutorial Collage

1. Punch three holes along your binding and through each of the pages. Take care to line the holes up well, it will make the threading of the ribbon so much easier.

2. Cut a longer length of ribbon than you think you'll need and tape the ends to look like the ends of a shoelace.

3. Thread the ribbon through the two farthest holes from front to back. Make sure the ribbon lengths are equal on the backside.

4. Thread both ends through the middle hole, from back to front, making sure each end comes out on a different side of the ribbon already on the front.

5. Pull the ribbon ends tight and make sure your ribbon lays down the way you want before tying your bow.

6. Tweak your bow until it is perfect and then cut the shoelace ends off the ribbon at an angle.

Chickaniddy Crafts Carson Riutta Baby's First Year Ribbon Tutorial Final

I hope I've inspired you to sit down and make a mini with all those wonderful pictures you've collected this year. I hope too that I was able to show you just how versatile the Jolly Good Collection really is. There aren't too many other Christmas Collections that can be used throughout the year once the holiday crafting is done. Oh, Jolly Good, how I love thee! Happy Holidays Everyone!

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