365 Collection

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Celebrating all 365 days in a year, this vibrant and fun collection is perfect for the everyday use. From trendy pattern papers to exciting new embellishments, it’s perfect for every project in mind.



36515os01-Daydream-B36515os02-Smell-The-Roses-A 36515os02-Smell-The-Roses-B 36515os03-Weekend-Wonders-A 36515os03-Weekend-Wonders-B36515os04-Daily-Schedule-A 36515os04-Daily-Schedule-B 36515os05-The-Good-Life-A 36515os05-The-Good-Life-B36515os06-Cloud-9-A 36515os06-Cloud-9-B 36515os07-Measured-Memories-A 36515os07-Measured-Memories-B 36515os08-A-Little-Bit-Of-Love-A36515os08-A-Little-Bit-Of-Love-B 36515os09-High-Spirits-A 36515os09-High-Spirits-B36515pd01-Collection-Pad-6x6-Cover36515eb04-Enamel-Shapes 36515eb03-Enamel-Words36515eb05-Brads36515eb02-Alpha-Stickers 36515st01-Clear-Stamps36515eb01-Illustration-Stickers-A 36515eb01-Illustration-Stickers-B

20 thoughts on “365 Collection

  1. Shona Chambers

    OMG, I love EVERYTHING about this collection. The papers are gorgeous, especially the tiny triangles and the ombre blue pattern and the enamel keys are a fantastic idea. Must have this!!!!

  2. Lisa C.

    Gorgeous collection! I love the bold colors and all the pretty flowers!
    That blue piece of paper is so cool!!

  3. Kim

    All I need is the right kind of horse paper and multiples make their way to my home! And there is so much more I love love about 365! The rest will come home, too!

  4. Phyllis Wendel

    I love this line , the papers are great quality. The stamps are so whimsical. I use these on my cards , scrapbook pages and I even made a picture on my canvas to decorate my kitchen.

  5. Phyllis Wendel

    I can hardly wait to get a hold of this stuff! I am so ready for spring and these papers are so cute. I can see me doing projects with my preschool kids! It will be great. I believe in starting them early☺


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