12 Days of Gift Wrap – Day Four

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I think we all know that the most important gift under the Christmas Tree is from Good o'l Saint Nick, because the legend of him is down right amazing. A nice man magically gets into our homes and leaves us the gift we have been longing for all year long.... yes please!

When planning out this class I got to thinking. I am a BIG fan of magic and have been known to overdo it when it comes to Santa. Wanting others to make a BIG deal about Santa I thought I would share something very special. A perfectly wrapped and sealed letter by Santa.

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Chickaniddy Heidi Sonboul christmas Santa Letter (Large)

  1. Start by printing out the template on a piece of cardstock and cut out the pieces you need for the envelope.   SANTA CHRISTMAS ENVELOPE CHICKANIDDY CRAFTS TEMPLATE
  2. If you want to line the envelope like me, simply cut off the side and bottom tabs. Add a good amount of adhesive and glue in place.
  3. Fold in the sides, the bottom, and glue into place.
  4. Pick a pretty ribbon. I decided to use this flashy ribbon covered in glitter and glue it down like this. Once you have closed the envelope, grab your favorite clear stamp font, sealing wax (you can find this in MANY craft stores in their wedding sections) and a match.

IMG_0532 (Large) IMG_0550 (Large)

You know how there are metal plates for stamping in wax? Guess what? You can use clear stamps and it works perfectly! Just follow these steps:

  1. Light the wax stick and let it drip onto the envelope.
  2. Dip on the wax
  3. Make sure to hold it straight. If the flame touches the wax it will burn it and cause the wax to look dirty. Notice the burn spots on the white? This is why you need to hold it straight and NOT at an angle. No worries if you have burnt spots you can just use white paint to clean it up.
  4. let cool for 10 seconds (DO NOT BLOW ON IT)
  5. Place your stamp into the wax and let it stay there for about 1 minute to make sure that the wax has set in place.
  6. Pull the stamp away slowly

IMG_0552 (Large)

IMG_0585 (Large)

So here it is again. Could you imagine how excited your children will be getting a wrapped and perfectly sealed letter from Santa on Christmas morning?! We have done it with our boys and they LOVED breaking open the seal. It's so fancy and cool that I guarantee they will love this! Just pop the letter into the stocking with a note telling them they have been good this year 🙂 It's such a wonderful confidence booster!

Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Friday!

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